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Las Vegas User Posts + Reviews

Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Las Vegas.
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remember that vegas is a 24/7 town. pace yourself.   more

Things To Pack

No matter what you decide to bring, definitely do not leave home without sun block lotion   more

Day Trip

There is a free day trip that you can take from Circus Circus and goes to Laughlin. You can get info inside the main doors of Circus Circus at the booth. The bus picks up in the...more


treat yourself to a trip to the range inside harrah's. great food and beautiful view.   more

Buying Show Tickets

It is imperative that ANY major show you may want to see, while visiting Vegas, you pre-order tickets for before leaving home! Although, I had a wonderful time in spite of, I was...more

Things to pack

Pack lightly, only taking your needed clothing, amkeup; if a woman, and be sure too bring any extra spending money you can afford too loose; although with hopes to win!!   more

Las Vegas is the place to be!

If you're thinking about going to Las Vegas, what are you waiting for? This is definitely the place to be for excitment and adventure! Don't forget to bring an open mind. Be...more


Dont ever miss Elton John at Caesars Palace   more

Pack for the trip

Decide on what you should pack for the trip THEN put half of it back in the closet. you will not need them   more

cost of 4 day trip

infarmation please   more

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