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Las Vegas User Posts + Reviews

Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Las Vegas.
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When travelling in Las Vegas on the bus or the Duece, gentlemen, please keep your wallet in your front pocket.The last time we were there, we saw peole bump into a gentleman and lifted...more

tickets for shows

If you are going to Vegas and would like to see a show, check the many Tickets Tonite spots that they have down the strip and up at the Fremont Experience. They have great prices on a...more

Blush is the Best

I love Blush nightclub because of the great service and great DJ's   more

The Deuce

I visited Vegas in June...not my first time though! My best tip for Vegas is THE dEUCE. A British style double decker bus that circles the strip round the clock. If you don't...more

One night in Las Vegas for non-gamblers

Ah, Vegas, baby! There's so much to see and do even if you're not a gambler. Here what I recommend for those not interested in losing coin in the one-armed bandits. First,...more

Nora's Restaurant

This local Italian restaurant is not fancy to say the least. As you walk in the door, you immediately see the large pizza oven & can smell the food being made - either pizza or some...more

Eat Cheap

Bring a couple of granola bars from home, then stand or play a slot to get free orange juice (although you should tip if the hostess brings it). Then ask for comps and coupons for...more

Imperial Palace

Don't forget to visit the auto museum. you can probable snag a free ticket.   more

yeah.. it's a 53 Dodge

The Las Vegas Strip? You could have fooled me. Why I walked around there and didn't see any women taking off their clothes... Just thought I'd let you all know...   more


remember that a lot of the center strip has free entertainment and things to see   more

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