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Firefly, Las Vegas

Firefly was on Fire!

Posted on: June 26, 2009 at 12:00AM

by billrumel
i heard about firefly when planning a trip to San Fran. I was sooo happy i could try it in VEGAS. They had some good looking drinks like mojitos. The was interested in the idea of tapas (small appetizer sized plates).So FIREFLY had a latin flavor (tapas are from Spain).it was kinda of hard to find it was on the end of a strip-mall mile off the strip. We ordered a couple of cocktails they started us with olives and bread served with a sweet compound butter. the tuna poppers (sweet tuna salad inside sweet peppers on taro chips ),serrano ham with manchego cheese,fried duck rolls( like a duck eggroll) and baked brie. We should've order 2 or maybe 3 ,but we wanted to sample all of them. The tuna poppers were flavorful not your moms tuna salad,the serrano ham w/ manchego was my favorite the lightest in flavor (very flavorful still),crispy duck rolls hoisen sauce were my GF's favorite very flavorful crispy,sweet,duck fatty crazy goodness , and the baked brie not and favorite however i could see getting just this one by itself brie with sun-dried tomatoes chorizo FLAVOR FLAVOR FLAVOR spicy sweet melty brie. Overall we enjoyed it.Just know that there bigger in some cases than i thought and extreme in flavor so two people would be good with 2-3 plates and maybe a couple more cocktails. It was less than 50$ for 2 ppl . each plate was 5-10$ per plate about . GO check it out for some thing different and a drink. from a true foodie ; ) .