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London User Posts + Reviews

Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about London.
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Have you ever arrived at your destination, and found out that your luggage has ended up in Timbuktu or worse yet, “lost in space” within the deep abyss of the airline’s lost and found...more


Be sure to visit a Pret restaurant. There are several scattered throughout London and they are very useful. Pret is a small --but amazing!-- sandwich shop that is fairly healthy and...more


Purchase an underground (subway) pass as it really pays for itself. Instead of buying a ticket each time, just buy a pass for a pre-determined amount of time. It gives you more time and...more

stuck overnight at an airport?

At international airports such as Heathrow, walk to the attached hotel. Look for a couch or chair in the lobby or side halls. Use your carryon as a pillow for safety. In the morning ,...more


When it snows, wear your ski boots with your suit trousers if you're on a working holiday. Avoid the roads during peak traffic hours and head for the underground.   more

First Time London Tourist

For the first time London tourist,Remember—Mind the Gap!Look both ways at street crossings,And don’t forget the map.Stroll through Hyde Park,Down to the Seat of Power,Then view the...more

Markets are a Must

Make sure you hit up some of the markets. The guide books will steer you towards Camden and Portabella but my favorite was Spitalfields. It is help all week, but the best day is...more

Frequent Hotel Stays

I travel frequently to London and many US cities. When I find a hotel that I like and will stay at again, I will take a photo of the floor plan from the emergency evacuation...more

Classic London

One of the best ways to see all of London in a short amount of time, inexpensive, and in a classic cool way is taking the tours on the classic London Double Decker bus. You can buy...more

If you want see something that very few get to see

If you are planning a trip to London at least a month in advance, then write ahead to get tickets to The Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London. It happens every night (no matter...more

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