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London User Posts + Reviews

Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about London.
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My tip for travel to London, or any international travel, is to over estimate your cash budget so you will never have to charge anything. Rates for credit card conversions can vary, but...more

Looking for a Late Night Nosh in London?

Go to Balan's Cafe in SoHo, on Old Compton Street. Their kitchen is open weeknights and Saturdays until 6am, Sunday until 2am. The food is good and the atmosphere is groovy! ...more

Attention: Frequent Travel To London

FYI: For all you who love London as much as I do and frequent it often....On your next visit to London, purchase an Oyster card for use on the tube. The great thing is, you can...more


One of the first things that I do when I arrive in London is to purchase a Time Out in London magazine to tell me what's going on.   more

Kensington Close Hotel

The Kensington Close Hotel is a reasonably priced 550 room hotel / spa located in central London.I stayed in the Kensington Close Hotel a couple of years ago for a full week. It was the...more

Greenwich Park

Ignore all those annoying types who tell you not to bother going south of the river. I love Greenwich Park, the views from the top of the hill are fab. Head back down towards the Thames...more


London is my hometown. Beautiful hometown I would love to take my kids together and show my school Ensham Secondary School in Tooting just down the road from Tooting Common in S.W.17...more

user review | See + Do: Primrose Hill to Hampstead, London

Get thee to Regent's

This may sound crazy, but whenever I'm in London I go for a jog through Regent's Park and up through the Heath with the Trainspotting soundtrack on my iPod.The scenery in the...more

user review | See + Do: Queen's Gallery, London

A tiny gem...

...and one that few people seem to know about. While the tourists are cramming into the National Gallery or the Tate, you can be quietly marveling at QEII's amazing collection of...more

Cool B&B in the East End?

I know the East End has a lot of buzz these days, but I'm still not sure whether I want to stay there on my next trip.Can anybody recommend a decent B&B in that neck of the...more

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