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Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about London.
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Designer bags, wholesale ladies purse

Our goods are 90% similar to what you buy in the franchised store, if you want to know more about our goods , you can log in our website.The whole process of producing are under strict...more

Peter Madden

The best way of seeing the back streets of London is going on one of the "London Walks". Their booklets are at Tourist Information , Galeries and Tube stations. They are very...more


Be sure to visit a Pret restaurant. There are several scattered throughout London and they are very useful. Pret is a small --but amazing!-- sandwich shop that is fairly healthy and...more

The Eye

If you're a first time visitor to London, you'll probably have the London Eye on your "must see/to do" list. The best time to go is on a clear day (I know it's...more

4 people, 3 weeks, under $3k

To offset the high price of airfare, we used Continental Onepass miles to get our family of four to Newark. From there, I booked four tickets (through a consolidator) to and from...more

London Theatre - Best Value for Your Money

A trip to London should definitely include a show. If you are purchasing your tickets before you arrive, be sure to check out before you buy them. This...more

Cabbies are BRILLIANT and pleasant!

Cab drivers know where everything is, take advantage of this great resource. They have the KNOWLEDGE of every possible destination in the city. This gives you less to worry about and...more

Cultural Freebie in London

Pick up a Metro (free paper) at any tube station to find all the free exhibitions, reduced rate theatre tickets, fashion/ health and beauty events, clubbing events, concerts, family...more

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