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Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about London.
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Learning London Leisurely

Whether you debark at Gatwick (outside London) or Heathrow (inside London and on the Tube = subway system)or even from Victoria Station, the best tools to have in your pocket,...more

Shanghai Expo 2010--real china fact tour

Did anybody experience China fact tour? Has anyone been to Shanghai,China?How about Guilin? If you say "No". It is a pity! On May 1, I visited both of it. It is amazing! China...more

Travel to London--Leytonstone--is it a safe area?

Is Leytonstone in London a safe area? We are looking at an apartment there, and want to know if it's a safe area.Anyone have any ideas?Thanks!   more


Always remember when walking in London and crossing the streets the direction you think you should be looking for traffic is probably not the correct direction. Most intersections have...more


while in London I was robbed of my passport ,credit cards,and all my cash. But in my suitcase in the hotel I had a copy of the picture page of my passport , so at the Embassy it onytook...more

Duplicate documents.

I carry scans of all my important documents and credit cards and information on reporting them lost or stolen in password protected encrypted files on all my digital memory cards. They...more

Cabbies are BRILLIANT and pleasant!

Cab drivers know where everything is, take advantage of this great resource. They have the KNOWLEDGE of every possible destination in the city. This gives you less to worry about and...more

Cultural Freebie in London

Pick up a Metro (free paper) at any tube station to find all the free exhibitions, reduced rate theatre tickets, fashion/ health and beauty events, clubbing events, concerts, family...more

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