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DBA, New Orleans, Louisiana

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Deliciously Engaging

Posted on: September 7, 2010 at 6:38PM

by dmvonbie
A good evening itinerary in New Orleans is not difficult to create and implement. The close proximity of many great restaurants (some awesome choices admittedly require a drive) and bars ensure that the most distinguishing or lasciviously minded travelers can both find a venue to suit him or her. I recommend following Arnaudís dinner with a martini or Scotch (single malt clearly) at DBA. Youíll be in close quarters in most worthwhile places in New Orleans, and DBA is no exception most nights. While I prefer the times without a band, as it can get a bit loud, even the crowded and noisy nights are fun! You can easily spend $100 for your own tab when drinking with friends, but remember that the martinis are misleading in smoothness and you may have trouble holding your place on a bar side stool. There are comfortable chairs, which are better for the Scotch sipping, but the stools are the place to rest if you are in the mood for gin or vodka libations. The bartenders are all very skilled. They deftly handle multiple orders and mixing perfect drinks. A few are quite attractive, though my own attempts to segue good conversation into one hanging out after hours were politely ignored. The point on this is, donít think youíll be hanging out after closing as you might in Oxford, MS or Memphis, TN just because youíve built rapport and tipped well. These bartenders are cool and professional. Itís business to be clean and charming, and they do their business well. If youíre closer to the Garden District, Monkey Hill may provide a slightly more costly approximation. That is, though the expense is nearly identical, the value of the atmosphere, staff, and quality beverage selection puts the price in context at DBA. -DvB