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Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Luxor.
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user review | Eating: Marsam Hotel Restaurant, Luxor

celine bags

love this series! i feel like i'm too busy (and sometimes too lazy!) to put make up on, but this series is already so inspiring to me. i can't wait until my hair grows out and...more

user review | Eating: Marsam Hotel Restaurant, Luxor

celine bag

The only comment from Mack <a href=""><strong>celine outlet shop</strong></a> on the subject <a...more

user review | Hotel: Oberoi Zahra, Luxury Nile Cruiser, Luxor

Great antiquities, here we come!

We are leaving next week for a 3 night stay at the Oberoi Mena House in Cairo and on to a 7 night cruise on the Zahra. We have booked one of the 2 suites onboard, really looking forward...more


What Stinks?! How To Identify the Presence of Mold Fun Guy Inspection & Consulting LLC has heard from many clients, and experienced firsthand, the different smells associated...more

user review | Hotel: Martim Jolie Ville Luxor Island Resort, Luxor


Stayed here with my daughter in April 2010.Room was adequate and smelled "musty" but the grounds and the location made up for the smell.Grounds were super well maintained. ...more

user review | Eating: Marsam Hotel Restaurant, Luxor

Wonderfully Relaxing

We went to have lunch at the Marsam Hotel Restaurant after a long day exploring Kings Valley. It was perfect... great place to relax after a long day. The meal portions were large,...more

user review | Eating: Oasis Café and Gallery, Luxor

Best restaurant/cafe in Luxor

For a person who has visited Luxor many times, the Oasis is my home base: Excellent food, great atmosphere and decor, good service. Jazz plays in the background as you page through...more

Not to miss in Egypt

While you are in Egypt don't miss:The Colossi of MemnonEdfu and Kom OmboAbu Simbel TempleWhat to experience:Felucca ride along the Nile especially at sunset.Don't miss...more

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