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Maine User Posts + Reviews

Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Maine.
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Maine Lobster

I don't know what it is about fresh Maine lobster, but for whatever reason it just tastes better than anywhere else. I have no connection with Maine, nor an axe to grind, but...more

Maine in the fall

A visit to Maine in the fall is an uneartly experience. It is like going to heaven. The fall colors of the trees mixed in with the evergreens is amazing. It will calm the soul.   more

Shun the big hotels

When traveling through Maine, do some research and check out the local B&Bs, starting with Morrill Farm Bed & Breakfast. So much to do, plus a great farm breakfast.   more

Looking for lunch?

If you are in the Bangor/Brewer area, the best place to try is The Eagle's Nest located on route 9 just north of Brewer (1016 North Main Street). The building is not much to look...more

rafting in Maine

My sister and I had a fantastic day rafting the Kennebec River. You get to see beautiful scenery, meet fun people and have a lot of laughs while enjoying a few thrills!   more

Maine vacation

Acadia National Park is a beautiful spot for a vacation. We have been there twice and loved it very much.   more

Alan James

If you're deeply into antiques, consider a springtime drive up the Maine coast with a primary destination of Searsport - they call themselves the antiques capitol of Maine. The...more


Just remember before you go thru the scanners at any of the airports to take your Grandson's knife out of your purse, because you become a villan at that point.   more

user review | Hotel: Rock Gardens Inn, Phippsburg


A truly lovely, scenic and peaceful location. Understated elegance and true comfort. The owners and staff are wonderful. The price is more than 1 $ but it has been worth it. There is...more

user review | Nightlife: J's Oyster Bar, Portland


August 26, 2009 First and only visitDISGUSTING is the word. The food was O.K. but the bar was DIRTY. When you make the mistake of trying to use the men's room you will NEVER, EVER...more

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