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Save For Later

Atria, Edgartown


Posted on: July 10, 2009 at 11:12PM

by meginuk
And it's such a shame, as we have been coming to the Vineyard for years and years and years, and always loved this place. Even now, a year later, we are still waiting for the owners to contact us to discuss the abhorent treatment we received, but I guess their customers just aren't that important to them! I went to dinner there with my husband and my mother in law, who is a television producer (see After lovely wine and salads, the entrees proceeded to arrive, two of which were freezing, one of which was warmed. We asked for this to be remedied, and the two cold ones came out exactly the same, and the other one was told to us to be extremely hot. However the food was still lukewarm, but the plate had obviously been put directly under the broiler and the plate alone (no food!) was scalding. A 24 year old 'manager' named Nathan came out to see what could be done, obviously he had not been schooled in the treatment of unhappy customers. He pushed the bill upon us, telling us we had to pay. We informed him we would be delighted to pay for the wine and appetizers, but as all three of us were unable to eat, and it was then 10pm, why in the world would we pay for the entrees? In a rare and relatively unheard of worst management style ever, he called the police. Yes, you read it right. The police. Stop laughing. The policeman, also barely out of college, arrived with an older policeman. The older one kept apologizing to us about how horribly we were being treated, while the younger one, who obviously thinks that Grey's Papaya was a treat, informed us we should pay, which of course we did, laughing all the while at poor Nathan and wondering why on a Saturday night there was no management there. By the way, the chef came out to speak with several 'well endowed' women at several tables, who were obviously there on a girls nights out, and didn't even stop ONE TIME to see if we were being attended to after our horrendous meal. We left every contact detail you can think of for the owners to get back to us, emails, phone numbers, the place we were staying, etc. No contact whatsoever. Even went back to drop off my husband's business card to make it even easier for them, I guess that tv producers, presidents, CEOs, and the like aren't wanted at their establishment, and aren't important enough to deal with. Luckily for us though that my husband golfs with the restaurant reviewer at New York Magazine and used to be a director at Gourmet magazine. And this summer we are back on the Vineyard, and we continue to make sure that no one we know risks the treatment we received. Apparently we're not the only ones who have received such treatment. Good luck to you, Atria, you need it!