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Berkshire Concepts Travel Tips

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Posted on: September 30, 2012 at 5:28PM

The travel season is booming and travelers from throughout the United States are packing up and heading out to exotic destinations around the globe. Whether traveling for spring break or just a break, it is imperative that you know certain aspects about your trip before you go. From passports to cultural diversity, knowing what to expect and how to prepare can help ensure that you make more of your valuable time and money. In an effort to assist you on your journey, we invite you to look with us at some of the most important, most popular and most helpful tips and advice on traveling abroad. Learn how to make more of your time and money abroad by spending a small yet valuable moment with us looking at top travel tips to assist you in your endeavors. Travel Preparation Most of us are familiar with items such as passports and visas and are familiar and experienced with getting them when we go, however, it is we believe, necessary to still touch base on this aspect of travel planning as without this, you will not be going anywhere. Therefore, take note of the following tips to assist you, you may just learn something new. Current passport rules require that if you have not already had a passport, you apply in person. However, if you already have a passport which is still valid, you may be able apply for a passport card by mail in a new pilot program. It is possible that some countries can reject your entry into the country if your passport is in poor shape. Ripped or dirty, it is their right to deny you entry if they so choose. It is also important to note, that in addition to passports and visas, some countries require proof of a certain amount of money or a return ticket out of the country for entry as well. Be sure you visit for more destination specific information to assist you. While You Travel Avoid Becoming A Victim One common issue reported as an problem by beginning tourists is becoming a target. A target of scam artists and people out to make an easy dollar when traveling abroad. Though it is nearly impossible to assure that you will avoid this happening when you travel, there are certainly, things that you can do to help avoid this issue. One such way in which you may avoid becoming a target is to simply avoid looking like a target. This means looking into the culture, the type of clothing, language and customs of an area in order to see how to better blend in. Note: Americans are notoriously under dressed and unprepared when traveling in many countries. Spend time researching your destination and what not to wear (tennis shoes, tank tops, white socks) before you leave and avoid looking like a tourist. report a problem

Posted on: November 26, 2012 at 6:03PM

thought I had gotten a great deal when I traveled to Cancun Mexico and bought a timeshare (this was my second timeshare purchase) to the beautiful Palace Resorts Premier organization. I guess it's all in the way that you look at it. Palace Resorts offers some of the most beautiful five star properties in Mexico. I have a hard time deciding which one of their properties is my favorite. Moon Palace Resort is huge, boasting over 2,000 deluxe jacuzzi rooms. Their lobby entrance is grand, decorated with marble columns, marble floors so clean you could even eat off of them, and gorgeous stained glass ceilings. The lobby is bustling with excitement and visitors are scurrying to and from the 12 on-site restaurants, shops, and spa facilities. You really couldn't ask for a more wonderful vacation resort. Then there is my personal favorite, the Playacar Palace Resort. Playacar has about 200 modern and beautifully appointed deluxe jacuzzi rooms. The view is spectacular as you look out over the blue greens of the Mexican caribbean sea. Off in the distance faintly, you can see the island of Cozumel and at night, the island's twinkling lights. Just to your left, the ferry boats maintain their busy schedule taking tourists and local workers to and from the island of Cozumel many times throughout the day. If you are a shopper, you will love Playacar as the famous 5th Avenue shops are right around the corner from the resort. There is a huge local Mexican marketplace right beside it. The famed Froggy's sits right on Playacar's small, but white powder sugary sand beach. The pools and swim up bar are ever so relaxing. The service is second to none anywhere I have traveled. I could go on and on, and maybe now you can see why I purchased my timeshare. But the point to all of this is vacation discounts. Now that I have purchased way too many weeks for me and my family to use in both of our lifetimes, I sell the use of my VIP membership on Ebay. That is a great deal for you, the vacationer, as you get all of my benefits and save $700 or more off of your deluxe jacuzzi room while getting a free manicure, pedicure, massage and free unlimited tours and so much more. You will have an excellent vacation taking advantage of using my VIP discount. But that's not all. I recently joined a travel membership club that, had I known existed before purchasing my timeshare, hands-down, I would not have purchased my timeshare. Here's why. My Palace Resorts Timeshare is an excellent timeshare. I know what I am going to get when I travel and I know I am getting the best value for my money. I have to be honest with you though. It was very very expensive. The downpayment was expensive and now the monthly payments on top of that are very expensive. I even have my whole timeshare up for sale, along with selling the use of my membership weeks on Ebay. Here's why I have it up for sale. I joined a travel membership club. When I took a look at this membership club and saw that they were negotiating with Palace Resorts to get just about the same discounted rates (not the same vip membership benefits but just a little bit higher cost than my own vip membership WITHOUT having to join the timeshare), I almost fell off of my computer chair. In fact, this membership club offers timeshare travel to four and five star resorts (over 5,000 of them worldwide), and deep discount cruises and airfare discounts, without having to pay the extraordinary charges associated with a timeshare, to numerous resorts I had already been to. I knew the quality of the resorts they were offering and it took me about a half hour and I became a member. Having owned two timeshares, I immediately saw the value in this club membership and knew I would never buy another timeshare again during my lifetime. I could not believe that they even have what are called "hot weeks" to five star resorts for $298 per week! The most they ever charge is $698 for a week for a family of up to four. And, they were offering to give members a chance to tell others about their club and if they did, and someone joined, they could earn up to $1,000 over and over again. It does seem to be too good to be true, but now I have something else I can pass along to my children and family members that will allow them to save literally thousands upon thousands of dollars when they go on vacation. In conclusion, you have two new discount vacation options open to you. . . you can rent my timeshare week on Ebay which is a great deal (remember, I paid all of the timeshare costs so you don't have to) by paying to use my VIP membership number or you can find out more information about joining one of the best travel clubs on the planet today, backed by 20 years of success, and save yourself and your family a small fortune in the process.

Posted on: November 26, 2012 at 5:25PM

Should you buy a timeshare or join a vacation club is a question that has been asked by many who love to travel. The more you know about each, the better decision you will be able to make. I am an avid traveler and love to head toward any resort that offers a white, sandy beach. I have also owned several timeshares (and do presently) and also, more recently, now own a vacation club membership. The truth being told, if I had to do it all over again after joining the vacation club, I would never have purchased a timeshare. Many timeshares are very expensive. You need to put money down up front or pay for the entire timeshare purchase. The most expensive timeshares require a lot of money up front but they don't necessarily require maintenance fees. Even though you pay a significant amount of money up front you still have to pay when you travel. The only difference is that you will save about $1,000 off the week that you book and you will have other priviledges that non-timeshare owners don't have. You do have great flexibility in when you can travel and how often you can travel with some of the timeshares. Other timeshares don't cost quite as much and they have what are called fixed weeks. Fixed week timeshares don't require a payment at the time that you travel but you will be paying maintenance fees every month or every year depending on how your timeshare company sets up your payments. The problem with monthly fees is that they can go up uncontrollably and you are subject to increased payments due to natural disasters. The club membership that I have requires that you pay a one time, lifetime fee up front to join. It is about the cost of a nice one week vacation that you might take your family on to join, however, once you pay that once in a lifetime cost, you are only obligated to pay for the actual weeks that you choose. Those weeks range in price from $298 to $698 on average. Occasionally there will be a more expensive week offered, but there are over 5,000 weeks to choose from that are under $698. There are accommodations for two to four for the same one week price. There are numerous four and five star resorts, including some Gold Crown RCI resorts that are part of the membership club. I would definitely choose a membership club over ever buying another timeshare. The investment I paid up front will pay itself back in my next two or three vacations. Then I am free to travel as many times a year as I want and take as many guests along as I want as well at the same discount price that I receive. The more flexible you are the more money you will save. Can you imagine staying in a five star resort in Hawaii during a "hot week" for $298? or even for $698? How about going on a cruise for $298! It's true. You just have to know where to go to find out.

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