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Le Lodge Park, Megève 

Highly overrated & over the top hotel

Posted on: February 17, 2010 at 8:12AM

by WithoutBoundaries
We spent four nights in Le lodge Park and were very disappointed in staying there. Instead of making us feel at home by giving us a warm welcome, they strongly gave us the impression we, being guests, better be humble. After all, you should be very happy being accepted to be a hotel guest in Le Lodge Park! Turning the world upside down… A few of the things on our sorrowful list: - Despite the fact we asked for and were confirmed to get a kingsize or lits jumeaux bed, instead the hotel provided us with two separate mattresses. An uncomfortable way of sleeping was ahead of us. - Even worse, these two separate beds did not exceed the length of 1.80m! We measure 1.92m (M) and 1.80m (F), which indicates our feet stuck out of the bed largely. Obviously our midget-sized bed did not lead to a proper good night sleep. - It appeared to be impossible to take a normal shower in our Lodge Room (nr. 101). One had to hold the showerhead in the hand, due to the lack of a shower rod. Without an adequate shower wall or curtain this implies the bathroom would be soaking wet within no time. - After quite a while, Le Lodge Park finally promised us a solution and gave us a different room (nr. 111). This room however didn’t solve our complaints at all, in fact it was the same room with the same limitations. Besides that it was lacking the fireplace we specifically asked for. - The hotel arranged us a private ski teacher. They asked us if a rate of € 200 for three hours (plus 3% fee) was acceptable for us. It seems to us the rate was well over the top, but we accepted it. Back home we checked the hourly rates at the website of the ski school, ESF Megève. We were absolutely shocked when we found out the three hour rate appeared to be a mere € 120. This means a total difference of € 160! This extremely upset us and we immediately sent an email to the management of the hotel. So far they don’t feel the urge of responding; we are still awaiting their answer. - Make sure you get your afternoon drinks outside the hotel bar, which by the way is beautifully decorated, unless you are willing to spend € 9 for a bottle of Heineken and € 18 (!) for a glass of Chardonnay wine. The overall price level is outrageously high. - The so called Spa looks nice on pictures, however is from a poor level. The temperature in the – tiny – sauna is far too cold, the temperature in the Hammam is far too high and is rather bad-smelling as well. Despite of the fact the staff is very friendly and the hotel is beautifully decorated, this so called “Megève hotspot” is not willing to handle complaints in a right way. Customer intimacy apparently doesn’t ring a bell whatsoever. So, if you’re looking for a small roomed, highly overrated over the top hotel with ditto guests, make sure you visit Le Lodge Park. But be aware, if disappointed, don’t count on any feel-good actions of the hotel management, just be grateful they accepted you as a guest in the first place…