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Phillip Island, Melbourne

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Posted on: August 25, 2009 at 6:50PM

By Guest

A trip to Phillip Island is absolutely necessary-- it is an incredible experience that you will not regret! It's about an hour and a half or so from Melbourne but so worth the trip. The island itself is beautiful, but the Penguin Parade is what attracts the crowds. Basically hundreds (maybe thousands) of tiny penguins hop out of the ocean every night at sunset and march from the beach to their inland homes-- it is incredibly adorable, hundreds of people gather nightly and watch in awe, just fascinated by them. They are just enthralling, I promise everybody will enjoy it from kids to adults to senior citizens! It's also something you can really enjoy in any language. Definitely bring a jacket though-- it gets very chilly on the island, especially at sunset!! I would also highly recommend spending the extra $15 on the "Penguins Plus" ticket rather than general admission. For the $15 more, you get special access to a private boardwalk where a lot less people are permitted, where there's actually a long path set up along the path that hundreds of the penguins take, so you're literally maybe 1 foot away from them. It's really quite an experience. Another cool part of the trip is that photos aren't allowed (apparently, the flash makes the penguins throw up), so it's really something you won't be able to understand or experience without actually doing it in person. A definite must see and highly recommended for all ages!

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