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Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Resort & Spa, Cabo San Lucas

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Hope you like non-stop sales pitches...

Posted on: April 12, 2011 at 11:31AM

By Guest

I recently stayed at Pueblo Bonito at Sunset and for the most part I was very pleased with my stay. The resort was absolutely gorgeous, the staff was extremely warm and friendly. Omar at the "Quiet Pool" was absolutely wonderful! He was attentive, personable and humorous. I asked for a recommendation for a restaurant and LOVED his recommendation. I only wish I thought to ask him sooner. I hope that if I ever come back to your resort that he is still there. He is an asset to your resort. One thing that was really off-putting was the constant bombardment of people asking if we attended the welcome breakfast. Everyplace we went me and my party were instantly asked if we had attended it. Whether walking through the lobby, asking for a taxi or dining in The Bistro, we were assaulted with "have you attended the welcome breakfast?" I understand that this is most likely commission based or some sort of incentive based program for employees, but it was really too much. For seven straight days we were asked daily. It actually became a joke for me and my friends that I was staying on the resort with. I did attend the presentation and I must say it was anything but welcoming. The woman that showed us around on the three hour tour, Christine, was rude, condescending and too high pressured. I was there for a relaxing vacation and the first three hours of my first day there were anything but relaxing. I probably would have seriously considered buying something, however, her attitude and some of the comments she made completely turned me off. Two of my friends did the tour and were done in about an hour and a half and saw way more and had a much more pleasant tour. They informed me about things that were not mentioned on my tour. At one point after about two and a half hours into the tour I asked how much longer as I was told it would take about 90 minutes and Christine snapped that she does everything from A-Z and why did I bother coming on the tour? I wanted to respond that I was practically pressured into the tour and did not expect to be as long as it was. My friends started the tour around the same time and were finished an hour and half before me. I transferred my timeshare via RCI to Pueblo Bonito at Sunset. Christine insulted my timeshare and my decision to join RCI. She also made assumptions that were not her business to make. She was extremely rude and had a terrible disposition. She had offered several really good deals, however, my disdain for her was the deciding factor of not purchasing. Fortunately my stay got better, even though we were bombarded daily with invites to the welcome breakfast. My next trip to Cabo, I will most likely look into other resorts to stay at before deciding on PB at Sunset as I do not want another week of "have you attended the welcome breakfast?" I know three couples that are planning on visiting Cabo San Lucas within the next year and have advised them that PB at Sunset is an amazing resort however, the constant nagging of the welcome breakfast and Christine from the Sales Centers awful attitude would make me think twice about staying there again.

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