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Todos Santos, Todos Santos

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Posted on: January 6, 2011 at 8:44PM

By Guest

lovely peaceful idyllic small town. we stayed at a small boutique hotel overlooking the ocean owned by a ?swedish? couple, that was not yet completely built (2002) Hotel Posada La Poza, Todos Santos, BCS. which is now looking really inviting with 22" of snow on the ground. The food at this hotel was amazing, and better yet, and short walk or car ride into town yielded the most amazing fish tacos ever offered from a small street cart. At this time, the Hotel California was also closed, and under renovation. We landed in La Paz, and criscrossed the peninsula, all the way down to Cabo which was a DRAG compared to Todos and La Paz. This is one of the few road trips I would repeat.

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