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Capella Pedregal, Cabo San Lucas

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me again

Posted on: March 8, 2011 at 12:01PM

By Guest San Francisco


I wrote my first review of Capella Pedregal while I was still there, still basking in the glow of the weather and scenery. Now that I'm home and paying for the experience I am even more negative on the place. With taxes and that exorbitant service charge for which we received minimal service, our room was over $2000/nt. At that price in Tokyo you'd expect a great experience - in Cabo it should be INCREDIBLE, and it absolutely, positively was not. It should have been half the price or maybe even less. Oh and be careful when you sign up for packages - you might have to fight to get what you're promised, in our case it was full breakfast. We tried to discuss our issues with managers and received very little attention until we were checking out (couldn't get someone to call us back - huh?!). They apologized and said they'd give us a discount the next time we came. I wanted something for this disappointing experience - after much handwringing they gave us less than $100 back on our bill of over 10k (after it took 15 minutes to get them to give us our breakfasts, which were supposed to be included anyway). Amateur hour - ergh!

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