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Mexico User Posts + Reviews

Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Mexico.
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Tip for Honeymooners in Mexico: Buy Travel Insurance!!!!

My husband and I recently traveled to Playa Mujeres for our honeymoon, and we both became very ill on our trip. He came down with acute gastroenteritis ("Montezuma's...more



Cost Savings for Hotels

Many people search for hotels with great pools, spas, clubs, and restaurants...One thing I do is look for a property that seems perfect and then stay nearby for less. Hotel lobbies,...more

Cozumel Cruising

We have found it is much cheeper to wait until you arive at your destination to book your excursions. Also when shopping downtown Cozumel do not be afraid to hagal the price you will...more


For the best snorkeling, find the small reef at Half Moon Bay, in Akumal, they charge about $5 to go snorkeling but it is wonderful. Calm with lots of fish and sting ray and if your...more

Xcaret and Xel ha, two diferent adventures

Xcaret and Xel ha are two very different parks, because Xcaret is a Mexico´s culture, traditions and naturals beauty pavilion were you can discover about the important issues of each...more

How to get the best resort rate in Cabo

The last three years we've spent a wee in Cabo at a 5 star for $400 or less, twice for less then $370 for a WEEK!! How did you do that you ask??? We belong to RCI. I called about 6...more


Before you leave the states, get several $1 and $5 bills. I usually travel to Mexico with $300 cash in these denominations. It makes tipping easy as well as provides you flexibility...more


The airlines lost one of our bags. It had everything in it so that my wife and I could stay at Riveria Maya for 6 weeks. It jusat seemed thta way when we listed later what we had in the...more

Winging it a bit

Don't be afraid to find a hotel once you are there--it may be a pain, but sometimes you can find a real gem that has what you want once you are there and in person. Take back...more

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