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Acapulco, Acapulco

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prev My Acapulco Visit on Mexican Rivera Cruise

Posted on: February 22, 2009 at 10:45PM

by joan5467
Sometimes I think that the nicest thing Princess does for its passengers is the cold towels it provides when we return from a warm weather port. And it was warm in Acapulco today. It was warm, not hot, only mid 80’s but the humidity is rough on those of us unaccustomed to it. Fortunately, Rudy arrived in a large air-conditioned van to pick us up and was waiting on the pier when we cleared security. Born and raised in Acapulco, it shows he is being this for many years so his English is very good and easy to understand. We started the day with a tour of Fort San Diego, which is right across the street from the pier. Originally built in 1516 to protect Acapulco from pirates and any other invaders from the sea, it has a moat which used to contain water and alligators to deter trespass. After a drive through the Golden Zone of Hotels, restaurants and beaches, we went to the Chapel of Peace, to get a close-up view of the cross that looks out over Acapulco Bay. The Chapel is beautiful, with windows of onyx, and gardens of tropical plants. While we waited in the cool courtyard for Rudy to park the van, Fred got a chance to make the acquaintance of the first of three cats we encountered in Acapulco. The Chapel is not accessible by tour buses, which makes it a very peaceful, refreshing place to linger. I was amazed at Rudy’s ability to navigate that van through the narrow backstreets of the city on the way to the Old Town, where we made a stop to pick up a battery for Fred’s watch and a little shopping before heading to the other side of Acapulco for some dramatic views of the harbor. The surprise of the day, for me, was glancing out of the van window and seeing this incredible mosaic on the garden wall of a house along the way. Rudy stopped the van and took a few pictures for me from her window while she explained that a couple of years before Diego Rivera died, he moved into the Acapulco house of his friend, Dolores Olmedo, to recover from an illness. When well, he created the mosaic mural. It was a total surprise and one I will long remember. I didn’t know that any of his work was even in Acapulco, much less displayed on a wall on a side street. After our scenic stop we headed to the Miradores Hotel for the cliff divers, and arrived shortly before the 1:00pm show. When I was a child John Cameron Swayze used to do a commercial for Timex watch showing one of the divers making a dive with a Timex watch strapped to his wrist. The theme was, “Timex watch, takes a licking and keeps on ticking.” I couldn’t stop thinking of that commercial. The tour was very enjoyable if you would like meeting him just Google or Yahoo his name Rudy Fregoso Acapulco and you will find him. Our final stop was the Flamingo hotel where the movie stars all stayed. Rudy even got us out to the round house that was renamed the Casa Tarzan in Johnny Weissmuller’s honor. In case you might be wondering, we were well pleased with Rudy’s tour and would highly recommend his services to anyone traveling down to Acapulco on either a Panama Canal or Mexican Riviera cruise.