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Litoral, Mexico City

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Pretentious and trapped in the 1990's

Posted on: December 30, 2010 at 6:09PM

By Guest

I disagree entirely with the review, since I found the food pretentious and quite lacking in quality. We had huauzontles, which prepared well can be a wonderful treat, but here were dipped in a thick batter and no very good. Food is still stacked la 1998, and served with what I call "cockroach antennae" as unnecessary garnish, and the dessert (a cheese strudel with cherries) was just a block of cream cheese wrapped in batter. It was not appetizing and clearly served right out of the fridge without even bothering touch it for weeks. The service was very good, but this restaurant is badly in need of an update, both in the food and the presentation. Frankly I still haven't found a single restaurant in Condesa worth a repeat visit.

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