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Mexico City User Posts + Reviews

Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Mexico City.
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When you are visiting a country and you do not speak the language (e.g., an American in Mexico), its a great idea to keep a piece of paper with you at all times that has the name,...more

Better safe than sorry...

Make copies of all your credit cards front and back. Leave it at home with someone you trust. If by chance your purse or wallet get stolen you will have something with phone numbers...more

A Real Mexican Hat Dance

After you've checked into the "W" Hotel(thank you Starwood!), toured Frieda Kahlo's house, eaten in a charming casita off the Zocalo, and sampled more kinds of...more


it not always safe in mexicos cities and some small towns so becareful   more

user review | Eating: Litoral, Mexico City

Pretentious and trapped in the 1990's

I disagree entirely with the review, since I found the food pretentious and quite lacking in quality. We had huauzontles, which prepared well can be a wonderful treat, but here were...more

user review | Eating: San Ángel Inn, Mexico City

Great Ambiance; Food? Not So Much

We moved to Cuernavaca, about 50 miles south of Mexico City, about 2 1/2 years ago. Several people have told us since then that the San Angel Inn is "the best" restaurant in...more

user review | Eating: Pujol, Mexico City


In the six years I have been dining at Pujol, Chef Enrique hasnever disappointed me in his culinary vision and eye-catching,unique complexity of dishes. The cuisine is now presented in...more

San Miguel Allende tours and airport transportation services

Tours of san miguel allende and surrounding areas, and airport transportation services to and from Leon, Queretaro, Mexico City, Morelia, and ,,,,,Sedan suburban1-3 pax 1- 7 pax...more

user review | Eating: Pujol, Mexico City

Great Modern Mexican Cuisine

I went to Pujol back in March 2013 and I enjoyed the overall experience. I ordered the Chef's menu, which I thought was priced reasonably for a Top 100 restaurant, but was a bit...more

user review | Hotel: W Mexico City, Mexico City

Great Location

A friend and I stayed at the W on a recent trip to Mexico City. The decor was a bit dated and somewhat aggressively hip, but the location was fabulous (Polanco is a great base in the...more

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