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Miss Yip Chinese Café, Miami Beach

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Food Of Miami does Miss Yip

Posted on: June 18, 2009 at 3:10PM

By Guest Queens, NY


The one thing that I miss the most about New York, living here in Miami, is the Asian Population. In New York, countless authentic Vietnamese Eateries, Korean Barbeque restaurants, and dim sum shops are often taken for granted. Everyone knows “the best dim sum spot” in Chinatown… which in reality it is impossible to have eaten in all of them (unless of course you are training to become a sumo wrestler). Between Flushing, Chinatown and K-Town, the Asian dining possibilities are endless. Not so in Miami. When I first moved to Miami Beach, the only Chinese restaurant that I could tolerate was P.F.Chengs…. and I HATE eating in chain restaurants. However, once I walked into Miss Yipps, I felt a little bit closer to my Asian roots… all because of Miss Yip’s Shanghai Soupy Dumplings. Soup Dumplings, Shanghai Dumplings, Steamed Pork Buns…. Call them what you will, these little treats of goodness are a gift from the epicurean heavens above. Soft, tender dumpling dough on the outside, pork simmered in its natural juices on the inside, it was the first dim sum that I had eaten in Miami. Of course, they aren’t as good as ones found on Canal Street, but nevertheless they are tasty and definitely satisfy my weekly Asian cravings. I recommend mixing the vinegar with a touch of soy sauce, to add a hint of saltiness, and using this as a semi tart/salty dipping sauce. Two fantastic combination platters are the Mama Yip and Papa Yip. Both display about 10 dim sum, the Mama Yip containing vegetable/meat dim sum and the Papa Yip solely vegetable (although the Papa Yip may also contain shrimp… I am not 100% certain as I am a carnivore myself). It is a nice way to sample all that their dim sum menu offers. So if your in South Beach and happen to be strolling down Lincoln Road, wander into Miss Yips and sample a few of their dim sum… The décor will take you to a far off place I like to call Canal Street.

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