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SET, Miami Beach

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Posted on: November 30, 2009 at 5:15PM

By Guest

That bald headed douche bag has been monitoring the door for years turning down as many people as possible. I've seen more people get turned away from this club than those going in. We tried to get in SET this past Sat night (November 28, 2009) and he was motioning to his "protege" how to handle each client trying to get passed the rope. Baldy allowed groups of people he KNEW in for free. There was no one else in line when we walked up. Then the "protege" approached us and said they are only offering bottle service. So I inquired.....he said minimum of TWO bottles and he could not give me a price on it anyway. I was with my husband (party of 2). There is no way we could finish off 2 bottles of liqour and they did not want us to. Obviously they did not want us in there. However, we watched several groups of girls exit the club and they were dog ugly---googly eyed. I guess that is the preferred clientele baldy is interested in attracting to SET. If that is the case, "TAXI!!"

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