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Home decoration PVC sheet

By Guest
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Posted on: May 30, 2012 at 9:57PM

Us plates used in home decoration, all kinds of sheet names make you feel confused, don't know what options, large base plate on the market today: such as PVC foam board, PVC plastic, waterproof gypsum board, and so on, from the sheet name we cannot know which sheet in both economic and environmental. PVC plastic sheeting PVC is short for PVC resins, PVC is linear thermoplastic polymers. The PVC based materials by adding plasticizers, stabilizers, pigments, fillers, lubricants, etc. By pinching and under certain temperature, mixing, drawing tablets, cutting, extrusion or die casting, cooling, made from plastic. PVC wave plates Also called PVC corrugated board, a is longitudinal of waveform Board; its width for 900-1300mm, length no limit, to transport easy General most long for 5000-6000mm; another a is horizontal of waveform Board, its width for 800-1500mm, horizontal waveform Board of volatility size small, can into volume placed, each volume length for 10-30m,PVC waveform Board also some unique of waveform, as folding linear, arc,. PVC lattice panels Is raw material rolled into flat, drum surface deformation using a suppressed by vacuum forming sheets. This lattice of square and rectangular plates with three-dimensional, which is characterized by rigid sheet, PVC Flex-absorbing deformation, elevation effect is unique, and the installation process is easy. Now PVC Panel is widely used in the manufacture of the synthetic material, PVC foam board, PVC grid Board, such as has been widely accepted by consumers. And for consumers, plate selection determines the grade of home decoration, so understanding these basic sheet the sheet to better help consumers to select and purchase. report a problem

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