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Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Milan.
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Military Gear for Female Version by Black Hawk Mines Adventures

Army engineers of the US military has announced its plans to make a new gear for female soldiers that will provide them with more protection and make them more alert in combat. In a...more

From Milan to Bellagio

When going from Milan to Bellagio and want to try something different, take every mode of transportation. Take a bus from the airport to Milan Train Station, from there take a train to...more

Elevator Bucket and protective measures

Elevator Bucket in the trial production period, often caused by improper operation cycle elevator bucket current is too high, leading to the elevator bucket crushed, the mill stop...more

Milan: Very Fashionable & Gay

I loved the fashion, architecture, furnishings, beautiful men & women. I enjoyed being able to get around relatively easy to see all the amazing tourist museums, etc. I enjoyed...more

Home decoration PVC sheet

Us plates used in home decoration, all kinds of sheet names make you feel confused, don't know what options, large base plate on the market today: such as PVC foam board, PVC...more

Hitchcock's Pigeons!!!!

Milan is a city known for its glamour and culture, however, reminiscent from the film the birds by Alfred Hitchcock watch out for the Pigeon people standing outside the Cathedral in the...more

If you have Solar Traffic Warning Light will not appear this scene

On my way in to work today to see a sad scene:Road traffic accident, two cars collided head-on.One driver spoke angrily cried out: "did you make? ”Another drivers not being...more

Borgo Santo Pietro, Chiusdino, Tuscany

I wanted to share my experience in this lovely place with all of you. From the first moment to the end o our stay we felt in heaven!!! Borgo Santo PIetro in Chiusdino, Tuscany is a real...more

Don't miss the Frette Outlet

If you get a chance take the short trip to the Frette Outlet. It is one of those places where you might not find anything today, but tomorrow there could be linens that were destined...more

Milano Restaurants

Did you know that most of the country's fish is sent to Milan on Thursday night for Friday and Saturday dinners (surely a throw-back to the pre-Vatican II rules). In that case,...more

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