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Stalls in the Square, Marrakesh

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Be careful with food and price

Posted on: July 9, 2010 at 2:04PM

By Guest

Every stand has a host competing for your attention so that you could eat at their spot, some are aggressive sellers. When choosing a stand to eat meats you will need to look at the menu and YOU PICK which part of meat you would like (head, tanjine, etc.) because if you sit down and assume a price after you eat it they will hit you with the highest price on their menu. Also EVERYTHING is an additional fee and they put it on the table for you to assume its part of the meal, ie. bread and olives. Be careful with the bread, there is PLENTY of bread that they serve but as we were eating we saw many of their stacks of bread fall on the floor and they just picked it back up to serve, some even fell on the wet cement and went right back in the pile to serve! Finally BRING NAPKINS!, they don't have any! they give you paper! literally they have kids goin around tryin to sell napkins......

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