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Ghostbar, Las Vegas

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Ghostbar.. the modern review

Posted on: August 12, 2011 at 9:13PM

By Guest

I thought it was necessary to elaborate on Ghostbar, for a current review, versus the one above. Yes, it is still on the 56th floor, has the plexiglass balcony view, futuristic motif, & without a doubt stiff drinks :) But there is a different clientele that this ultra lounge sees. Although there is no designated dance floor, that doesn't mean this place doesn't have guest DJ's, live performances, and on occasion fashion shows. If you were to ask a local's opinion I would say Ghostbar is a trendy-scene-crowd for the artistic & talented. Sunday nights they provide house/trans music, while Wednesday they have launched an industry extravaganza called SNITCH. This is by far the best night to show up (other than a Friday & Saturday). If you're looking for a different crowd that doesn't fist pump & freak dance... I'd say Ghostbar. Be casual, dress different, or just pre party before going to another nightclub... the view itself is a reason to stop by. For table reservations email me :)

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