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Soniat House, New Orleans

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A Lesson in Going with your Gut

Posted on: February 17, 2009 at 12:39PM

By Guest

If you don't like long reviews, just skip to the fourth con... We just returned from a long weekend in New Orleans. Considering the events going on many places were at their capacity, which is why Soniat House was 3rd or 4th on our list, but the only one with rooms available. Our first impression was very nice (before getting to the room). The courtyard is beautiful and smells heavenly and the location couldn't be better. The street itself is quiet, but is still right in the FQ. They also have made to order biscuits that melt in your mouth. Despite the pluses, there were several reasons we really thought about changing hotels after the first moments of being there. The CONS and the reasons I would never go back and would not recommend this hotel to anyone who has even moderately leveled standards are as follows... 1) Dim lighting makes navigating the hotel quite difficult once the sun goes down and anyone with poor sight could easily fall into some problems. 2) The rooms (at least the one we were in, #18) is so outdated and the carpet so dirty I couldn't bring myself to walk barefoot on the carpet (on a side note and to play Devil's advocate, I believe we had the worst room, so there may be updated ones available). 3) The staff is a hodgepodge where some of the ladies at the front desk are genuinely lovely people and some have that fake smile and "Southern charm," but look as if they would rather take and axe to your head rather than help you with a thing. 4) The worst part and the reason we changed hotels in the end (after staying a few nights too long)...COCKROACHES. The day before we were supposed to check out, as I reached into the closet a cockroach ran across my blouse. When I called to let them know about the cockroach and to see if we could possibly move to a room on the second floor, I was met with no apology and a deal-with-it-you're-in-New-Orleans attitude. I think I may have sounded like a pushover on the phone because I was trying to be nice with the assumption they would be embarrassed by the bug problem. So, on top of leaving with a creepy-crawly feeling we also left with bitterness at the response to our situation. We went to International House on Camp Street and the second we walked in there (still not New York good, but way better and cleaner than Soniat House) we knew we should have gone with our guts and moved the first day.

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