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New Orleans User Posts + Reviews

Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about New Orleans.
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user review | Hotel: Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans, New Orleans

Amazing... Never Gets Old.

This hotel looks awful in the pictures. In all my eight visits in many different rooms, one has never been as ugly as the ones shown. The lobby is nicer in person, and the courtyard is...more

user review | Hotel: International House, New Orleans


Recently found a deal through the Tablet company that made it irresistable not to try this place. Turned out one of the most magnificent gems of New Orleans.Have stayed at many hotels...more

user review | Nightlife: DBA, New Orleans

Deliciously Engaging

A good evening itinerary in New Orleans is not difficult to create and implement. The close proximity of many great restaurants (some awesome choices admittedly require a drive) and...more

user review | Eating: Restaurant August, New Orleans

Restaurant August

Restaurant August is wonderful. Never have we received nothing but wonderful food and exceptional service. John Besh, I don't think ever meets a stranger. He introduced himself...more

user review | Hotel: International House, New Orleans

Awesome place to stay

We stayed at IH during 2008 Mardi Gras. The French Quarter is only a few blocks away and was within walking distance of the Aquariam, the River walk , the Market and to Harrah's...more

user review | Eating: Commander's Palace, New Orleans

Our favorite restaurant in the WORLD

We love Commander's Palace, having fortuitisly lucked into the now defunct Las Vegas edition some years ago.As a couple, we've had the opportunity to visit eating...more

user review | Eating: Galatoire's, New Orleans

food to die for in a formal setting

We had lunch at Galatoires when we were in NOLA, and it was by far my favorite meal of our food filled 5 day trip. It didn't start out so well, because my BF was turned away at the...more

user review | Hotel: Soniat House, New Orleans

A Lesson in Going with your Gut

If you don't like long reviews, just skip to the fourth con...We just returned from a long weekend in New Orleans. Considering the events going on many places were at their...more

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