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Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about New York.
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Somehow in the process of him leaving for the cave, he let his hands get the better of him and he ended up making exceedingly good use of all that pent up sexual energy I had been...more


WOOOOO!   more

Travel Deals/Advice NYC

Great site to get NYC travel deals on hotels, tours, flights and more at:   more

content development manager

We are a startup company producing audio walking tours and currently looking for writers who would op-produce tours with based on a revenue share model.   more

Avoid Credit Card Dilemma

It is a good idea to use different credit cards to pay for your rental car and hotel. You might be surprised to find that the car company has maxed your card out, leaving you in an...more

traveling to NYC

If you are traveling to NYC by train from northern NY state, don't start your journey from the Plattsburgh train station. There is no parking for your cars! Instead just drive to...more


Always take a taxi in New York City.   more

Travel tip for riding the subways

If you are traveling to New York City, be aware that the subway schedules at night and on the weekends change. Some subway routes are even canceled altogether, so it's best to...more

Cheaper hotels in the suburbs

To cut down on the cost of visiting New York City, consider staying at a hotel in the suburbs, like Yonkers or New Rochelle. You can always hop a train to Grand Central. The train trip...more

Get to NYC...thru Philly

Here's an idea. Fly into PHL, see Independence Hall, have a cheesesteak, enjoy strolling through the city, and then hop on an Amtrak train at 30th Street Station. You'll be in...more

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