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Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about New York.
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where to stay

So, most people come to NYC for the first time and stay in Times Square. Or what us locals call mid-town. It is overpriced, crowed and you only get a small percentage of the feel of...more

Simple introduction galvanized sheet foreign market

As Asia's second economies - Japan, its galvanized sheet situation and economic situation is in our nation's main beacon, then we here is to look at Japan's recent...more

Need Concierge services right at your door or hotel?

Live in NY or visiting? If so and you need help running errands, or need a babysitter for the evening? Heart Star Concierge is the right company for you! We are a registered business...more

always keep someone informed

This advise is not for one place in particular but just sound advise. Always leave a copy of your itinerary with someone you knoe, where you are staying, pet-sitting information,...more

waterside attractions/safety

We will be at CMOMwant to go to a waterside attraction.Any suggestions via bus or on foot?Safety issues to advise?Discounts available?   more

Do u prefer to live in Newyork?

If u were told to live in Newyork outta all other states in the U.S..Would you love it?Or prefer to live somewhere else?   more

In a pinch, consider staying at the "Hertz Carlton"

After 4 hours on the tarmac due to weather delays at JFK, we were sent back to the gate at midnight. After booking a morning flight to L.A. I needed a safe and relatively comfortable...more

Easy navigating in NYC

Many people are fearful of getting lost in NYC so don't walk around much. You'll never know what you're missing! One of the easiest ways to think of NYC - it's a...more

Tip for People with Small Children

For people who have small children traveling with you, here is a tip that will save you money and headaches. This tip applies to any destination, not just New York. With the new...more

NYC is terrrific and SAFE

We have been going into the city at least once a month for the past 3 years. (I live in Northern NJ) Every time we have a ball, including riding the subway and walking all over in all...more

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