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New York City User Posts + Reviews

Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about New York City.
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I recomend you stay in a 5 or 4 star hotel to get the luxorius servises and the hotels are also beautiful. The area of manhattan are so magniffecent id say at least one day for each...more

Don't be scared

New Yorkers are not all a bunch of angry city dwellers. If you have a question go for it and stop someone to ask. New York is a fast pace city so if you ask in a straight forward...more

Ride A Painted Pony

Head to Central Park and take a ride on the old carousel there. Head over to the Reflection Pond and take in the statue of Alice and Wonderland. Grab a hot dog with the works. Walk,...more

Places to stay in NYC

Good spots to stay in New York CItyMarriott Marquis - TIme Square...dead center Times SquareSheraton - 7th Avenue - close to everything!Manhattan Club - right next door to Columbus...more

getting around NY

Try logging on to for mass transit travel updates. Once you enter your address and where you are going to, it will tell you how to get there (subway or bus) and how long it...more

Don't Bother Renting a Fancy Car

You will be walking everwhere in New York City..unless you want to be late to your dinner reservations! So bring some comfy clothes and shoes and your pedometer because you will need...more

on the plane

When on the plane with a child and you are not sitting next to each other, politely ask the person sitting next to your child if he or she would mind switching seats with you. If they...more

Holiday Shopping

New York is a mecca for fashion, trends, culture, and ofcourse shopping. The Holiday season in NYC tend to bring enormous crowds and makes navigating the city even harder. If you are...more


I love New York City. I is always buzzing with excitement and there is always lots to do. My favorite hotel in New York is the Palace Hotel. Each guest is treated just like a princess....more

Stage Door Deli

You really can't leave NYC without a trip to the Stage Door Deli for a corned beef sandwich...Either bring someone to share it with or be prepared to take half back to your hotel...more

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