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New York City User Posts + Reviews

Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about New York City.
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I Love New York

Been going there for years. Mostly weekend trips as prices of hotels are very expensive. I love the shopping, the shows, the sites. New York never gets boring. The restaurants are...more

Use the Grid

NYC is easier to get around then most may think. Take the subways and buses. Not only is it cheaper, but its a great way to experience the energy of nyc. It also will put you in...more


shop in "wholesale" stores in the west 30's they often let you in even if you are not buying wholesale but are buying retail   more

Learn about NYC through fiction

Grab a map of NYC and read the trilogy by Kevin Baker which includes: Dreamland, Paradise Alley, and Strivers Row. You will gain a wonderful picture of the history of the city and...more

How to book a hotel!

Bid on until you have an agreeable price in the area of New York you want. You can do this everywhere else, too!   more

Take aadvantage of the Media

Time Out New York can be a wonderful guide for both families and individuals traveling in New York City. It always lists free entertainment. In addtion, you can find out what you...more

Cannot afford to cruise...How about a FREE one!

Some things in life do come FREE and might leave you breathless!!! Take a FREE cruise on Staten Island Ferry!!!Be with the locals and see the NY harbor as they do commuting past the...more

Avoid the normal stores

My suggestion is to shop in the garment district. I bought an entire outfit for approximately $32 in NY last year and have never received so many compliments. The shopping in this...more

Free tour guide

The Big Apple Greeter tour guides can take you to specific neighborhoods and give you an insider's view of that neighborhood. Check them out at   more

NYC and more

Ok now you have read 2 pages of New York City spot to see. But New York is more then NYC. . New York has the largest wildestness preserve in the national. Take in the wonders of the...more

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