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New York City User Posts + Reviews

Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about New York City.
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user review | See + Do: Apollo Theater, Harlem

Amateur Night at the Apollo

It's also nice to see the Amateur Night at the Apollo. Here is some description I abstracted from the website:"Every Wednesday night for 78 years, brave contestants have faced...more

Map The Best Clothing Shops In New York

Going on a shopping weekend with the girls to NYC! We want to make sure we donít waste any time so weíve mapped it all out Ė where to shop - on this website that reviews everything New...more

user review | Nightlife: Marquee, Chelsea

Book your Limo Club Party Tour with ($150 all included)

Book your Limo Party with and experience the New York's greatest Night Tour in a luxurious stretchlimousine, enjoy Times Square, Rockefeller Center, 5th Avenue...more

user review | Nightlife: Santos Party House, Chinatown

NYC Nightlife

Ive had some fun nights in this place but others that were bad. The only night i would actually go at this point is Sat. I host at many different venues in the city such as Lavo, 1oak,...more

user review | Nightlife: Marquee, Chelsea

NYC Nightlife

Hey i promote in the city at many different clubs including Tenjune, 1 Oak, Riffraffs, Kiss&Fly, Butter, Griffen, Gansevoort park, Lavo and more. The trick with this club is knowing...more

user review | Nightlife: Cielo, West Village

NYC Nightlife

I have only been to this place once and it was extremely mediocre. I cant imagine why someone would chose to spend 1k at a table here when there are so many better options in the city....more

user review | Hotel: The James, Soho

My preferred stay in Manhattan

Perfectly located on 6th and Grand, The James lies in SoHo, cool boutique territory, plus eclectic shops and top restaurants. Taxiís are plentiful on 6th when travelling uptown. Great...more

Travel Deals/Advice NYC

Great site to get NYC travel deals on hotels, tours, flights and more at:   more

vietnamese food

My wife and I are big foodies and loved vietnamese food. We were able to sample safe street food by a local tour ,"Back of bike tours". I am trying to find street type food...more

AVOID nyc mob tours

This is a tour company run by a group of cons. The only negative experience I've had in NY. At least muggers have the decency to take your money in person.   more

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