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want to be insulted?

By Guest
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Posted on: June 23, 2013 at 12:47PM

I called this cab company to get a price on a rather long cab ride from Leesburg to the east coast, and the owner, Paul Mears, Jr., became angry and shouted at me to look online for the price. I promptly hung up, affronted at his rudeness. I then received 4 text messages. I erased the first message unfortunately because that was equally as charming. This is a business owner?????? These are his unsolicited texts to me . . . "Just the asnwer we were expecting from leesburg people." "Maybe one shouldn't be calling. 3. Your not a customer, your just a dumbass who can't read & wants to be cheap. As far as a business, this is the owner & I have been doing it for 17 years with 47 drivers & don't drive & I have no problem telling dumbass's like you to go screw themselves cause your never going to take a cab from them 2 places & we never handle leesburg, so why should I give a rats ass what you think & on top of that, I'm hoping you don't call for service. & a customer is someone who says" I need a taxi " & gives an address, not a yeah I have a friend & uh he needs a ride from like uh leesburg & we usually take the bus & uh. Why would I waste the energy. Have a good day & no need to respond cause I'm sure it will be something uneducated & stupid, so save the energy for someone who might actually care or listen." "Well I guess we are not to worried about reviews when my father has over 950 taxi's 300 buses & 600 luxury sedans & we pretty much run Orlando & get over 500 calls a day. Please find yourself a life, talk like your not stoned & nobody wants to listen to your life history when needing any services. If we so interested in your business that is 30 miles away from someone who wasn't even using it but just wasting someone's time asking prices do you think we would of sent you away to another website? Hmm makes you think. We get maybe one call a month from that area & it always the same thing " how much" that pretty much means you have no money so why waste the time or energy with you. As far as your god bless thing that's funny. Go drink another one or smoke another one & stop wasting our time. & if you contact us again I have no problem contacting our Attourneys trace the number & file charges against you for consistence harassment. Think I'm playing, you'll see how much power we actually have & it will be a lot more then a taxi fare. Once again have a great day. " report a problem

Posted on: June 23, 2013 at 1:02PM

to be insulted by the mears cab co, or cwt cabs, give them a call, they might tell you to "screw yourself" or you may just not get picked up. But that's ok with them, because they "run orlando". sad man.

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