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Orlando + Disney World User Posts + Reviews

Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Orlando + Disney World.
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Getting Engaged at Disney World

One of the most incredible and rememberable places to get engaged at Walt Disney World is located at the California Grill Restaurant located on the 15th floor of the Contemporary...more

Get Ready for your next trip!

I leave a small notebook and pen in my suitcase so I can make a list of things that I should have brought the first time going to a destination. The next time I visit, I check the...more

Magic Kingdom fireworks

If you want to squeeze in that last 10 rides on Big Thunder, ride during the fireworks! You can see them really great from there and no one else is on line! The carousel is another...more

Buy discount tickets from concierge desk

You can purchase certain theme park discout tickets from the concierge's desk at the Marriott and Hilton timeshare properties. They both usually have a deal where you can buy one...more

disney world

When you travel always put a bathing suit, shorts, top and flip flops in your carry on. When i got to disney world at 11am in the morning, by luggage got there that night after 7 pm....more

Orlando hotel suggestion

I recommend the Ritz Carlton and it's Club level. For an extra $100/night you have access to 3 meals a day as well as beverages (alcoholic and non alcoholic), free movie DVD...more

Disney World

Plan ahead..... Order maps of all the parks before you go.Look and see what you like best, and go to those places first.Have a map laid out to save time and see what you want and not...more

The first pictures on your digital camera should be of your kids

Parents worry about having a picture of their child in case they were ever separated. This is particularly important at an amusement park. Instead of relying on an outdated school...more

Spot the Little Ones a mile away

I've seen many a family donned in custom-made shirts with their family names, pictures and more on them. I never liked the idea of strangers knowing so much information, but I do...more

Choose Dates Wisely

I believe the single most important factor in guaranteeing an enjoyable trip to Disneyworld is choosing WHEN you will visit. Try to avoid summer and holidays. The least crowded times...more

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