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Moulin Rouge, 18th Arrondissement

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moulin rouge- terrible!!!

Posted on: February 28, 2011 at 8:11AM

By Guest

I've bought tickets to MR, following your reccomandation. I was travelling with mother and wanted to take her to some traditional parisian show. but when we arrived 30 minutes before the show I understood it was terrible mistake! 20 minutes queue outside under the rain (security guys were very rude) with many tourists from buses. rude waiters.. and then the show... i never saw such tasteless and cheap show. First too episodes- mass dancing of girls and guys in terrible cheap costumes were more or less ok. But then they started to show stupid circus numbers: jugglers, lady with snakes in the pool, gymnasts...nothing about kabaraet, dancing, etc. ugly and cheap show for provincials who never saw good shows. we left after 40 minutes, when we were leaving a very rude security guy said that he needs to check by booking as I propably dindnt pay for tickets !!! (despite very strickt control on the entrance). it was shock and destroyed evening. btw, cost per 1 picket 80euro (i've bought the cheapest one)+paid cloakroom and paid toilet!!!. please never ever go there. and dont recomment MR here, its not good for youe image. Irina

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