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Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Paris.
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Our next trip ..will be our 10th trip to Europe. ATM's are everywhere now..and most business will "NOT" take traveler's checks anymore. Just call your bank &...more

Pont des Arts

The Pont des Arts is my absolute favorite spot in Paris...summer or fall. It's a pedestrian bridge that takes you from bank to bank. There, you will find all walks of Paris life....more

Pompidou Center Library

The Library at the Pompidou Center has free access to computers. There exists an outside elevator to get up to the level of the library. There is a guard on duty who has a key for...more

Stay in Paris and see the countryside!

Stay in Paris at the beginning and end of your trip. Take a train to the Loire Valley for an overnight trip within your tirip. Don't worry about moving all of your luggage...more

Parisi Tribe ...where it all started

A few hundred feet..directly in front of Notre Dame Cathedral..there is an entrance (underground) ...that takes you to where Paris began...about 2000 years ago. Well worth the few euros...more

Artists by the Hundreds !!

If you are looking for local " starving " artists..and thousands of choices...all in one place...try the artist stands adjacent to Sacre the Monmartre..area..North...more

Lunch in Paris

Tired of eating at the French brassieres..on evey street and corner in Paris ?? Try the "food court" at the Louvre !! There are dozens of choices..comparable to going to the...more


Visiting Paris has always been a exciting for me. However, each time I visit, I get sick from most of the local eats. If you have American taste buds and want to find some American...more


A Navigo Decouverte , loaded with zone 1-2 , for Monday thru Sunday, makes good sense even if you only have 4 days. The ease of use on both Metro and buses makes covering more ground in...more

train station alert

Never put your passport and your money in the same place. If you get robbed, you will not lose everything.Do not use a video cam corder in a train station.I was stopped by Police in...more

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