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Chez Les Anges, 7th Arr.

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Posted on: March 20, 2009 at 12:24PM

by feliciainfrance
Based on various reviews of the food, my friends and I ventured to this restaurant to celebrate a recent promotion. We ordered a bottle of Veuve Cliquot. Upon tasting the champagne, which we'd each had on numerous occasions, we noticed the flavor, effervescence and finish were all off. We indicated this to the sommelier who promptly informed us there was nothing wrong with the bottle and invited us to think about it a few minutes. We each tasted the champagne again after cleansing and recleansing palates and agreed the bottle was not up to Veuve Cliquot standard. We informed the sommelier of this and asked whether he had another bottle open for the sake of comparison. He then proceeded to insult us saying that perhaps we didn't know what it was supposed to taste like, that he wasn't going to open another bottle because we wouldn't like it either and that he could do nothing for us. He then walked away. Despite this considerably rude behavior, we decided to stay on the condition we not have to address our orders through him. When he nevertheless reappeared at our table explaining all beverage orders HAD to go through him with a smug expression on his face, we asked for the check for the two glasses of champagne (other brands) ordered prior to the bottle fiasco. I have never before walked out of a restaurant prior to ordering, but after the exceptionally unwelcoming, condescending treatment of the owner/sommelier my party decided we could not enjoy the food under such circumstances. I will not visit this establishment again.