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Chanel, 1st Arr.

i love france

Posted on: February 24, 2009 at 6:57PM

by ilovefrance
oh my gosh. france is the best place ever!!! if you can afford it. CHANEL IS THE BEST STORE EVER and it has reasonably good prices for wealthy ladies such as i. go to this chanel store. take my word it is absolutely positively beautiful. like gasping worthy!!!! omg i love it so much. the ladies there are gorgeous. and the men..AHHHH. even better. trust me you do not want to miss an absolutely positively amazing opportunity like this to buy the absolutely positively CHICest clothing ever. take my word. I LOVEE CHANEL. and if you cant afford it, borrow money. you'll need it hunn. the first time i went there i fainted. i had to be rushed to the hopital!!! how amazing is that???? then i went back and bought out the store. i shop for my feelings!! (get it?? instead of eating them) cuz gosh its just too much calories to eat here in america. in france, food is healthy and absolutely positively AMAZINGG. i would die for it. wait no. cuz then i would be dead and couldnt eat the food!! anyways chanel is GREAT!!!!!!