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Peru User Posts + Reviews

Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Peru.
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When to go to Peru

March is a fantastic time to travel to Peru. Though technically the rainy season, it is at season's end. The weather is usually beautiful and the landscape is greener than at other...more

Peru trip May 09

Anybody have some practical advice for a 1st time visitor to Peru?  I'm going May 11-15, 09 to Cuzco, Macchu Picchu, & the Sacred Valley.  I'm using  a tour company for...more

Lan Air

My nephew and I changed our tickets from Lima to Miami a week early due to illness (my husband died 2 days later) and Lan Air charged us nearly $800.00 a piece to move our flights up....more

Rio Maranon

Traveling upriver from iquitos on the Rio Maranon was one of the best experiences ever. The people are extremely welcoming and the boat trip upriver was a visual delight.Any river...more

Heavenly food in the Sacred Valley

The best place to eat in the Sacred Valley is in Urubamba -- Tres Keros, on the main road thru the valley, just on the outskirts of town towards Ollantay. The owner, Ricardo Behar, is a...more

Fallen Angel Restaurant - Amazing Experience!

Fallen Angel, located a short walk from the Plaza del Armas, was the most interesting restaurant I have ever eaten at!The decor was phenomenal - the tables were bathtubs filled with...more

Must stay at The Greenhouse in the Sacred Valley!

We went to Peru for our honeymoon for 3 weeks - best trip we've ever taken. The highlight of the entire trip was our stay in the Sacred Valley at a little B&B called The...more


The best time is October - November or February - March. The weather will be at its very best. Get out of Lima. Visit Pucusana, Mancora. The cuisine in Peru is fabulous. The people...more

Go wild... in the jungle

i went to peru and payed a visit to the amazon jungle. the result... MY BEST TRIP EVER (warning.adventurers only) first of all I recommend you the Muyuna Lodge. why? because it is...more

USD in Peru

For travelers who are planning on using US Dollars in Peru and Latin America in genera, you must make sure that you take new and unblemished bills; the smaller the better. If your...more

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