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Standard Tap, Philadelphia

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If you want to get treated badly then come to Standard Tap

Posted on: May 9, 2012 at 9:34PM

By Guest

i've been coming to this place for over 5 years and really considered this to be a great spot with great people. Always brought in friends from in and out of town and tried to bring in customers to support this place. I, myself, spent over 7 years bartending in Philadelphia bars and restaurants so I understand how important it is to support local places so they stay open. In my 10 year living in the city I have never through id actually be posting something to discourage people from going to eat and drink at a place but I'm writing this because people have a right to know. Over the last few months I have been treated extremely rudely by an upstairs bartender by the name of Kate...if you have gone there i'm sure you have seen her, she is always there on Sat night at the upstairs bar. Blonde hair, a bit over weight, and constantly looking mean. I have no idea what I have ever done to her but she has always been extremely rude to me and anyone I had with me. Later I realized it wasn't just me but mostly everyone that comes in contact with her. I'm not a rude or drunk person and always tip over 20% when i go out since I was the person behind the bar for so many years. After going to this place almost every Sunday for the last 2 years and bringing a large group of people with me where we normally spend around 1,000 dollars together you would imagine the restaurant management and owners would appreciate that. Especially since Sunday is a slow day for many places down town. Well not at Standard Tap!!!! Customers here do not have any say or respect and really they can care less whether you come in or not, as far as they are concerned if you do not take the bad treatment then go somewhere else. This is really appalling especially in such an economy. I decided to do the adult thing and write an email to the management explaining what has been going on and how I feel quite wronged and treated badly by someone who works for them. Thinking that a manager who cares about the business and customers of the establishment she/he works for would care and want to resolve such an issue. WAS I WRONG OR WHAT!!! Instead of asking me any questions or trying to resolve the problem, the manager ( i do not believe even told the owners the issue) emailed me back telling me, well if i don't like it then i'm not welcome and my friends are not welcome to Standard Tap. All i can say i how appalling and sad for this restaurant's owners because they will not be able to stay in business in such an economy if their staff treats their customers in such a manner. I can say that now I feel a duty to let other Philadelphia residents know that such bad treatment exists and they should not support a place that will take their money and will not care how they get treated.

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