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Notice to all pregnant women flying to Phoenix!

By Guest
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Posted on: November 09, 2008 at 11:13PM

Planning a pre-baby trip is a great way to have some fun before you have to worry about packing a whole suitcase full of bottles, but if you're flying to Phoenix with a little one on the way, I have one very important tip for you--make friends with a nice flight attendant who will give you a whole can of ginger ale, and down that ginger ale about a half hour BEFORE landing. For those of us Midwesterners, flying to the Southwest is a bumpy ride. Maybe it's air pockets, high temperature, or abundance of moisture. Those are my theories, but I'm no meteorologist. All I know is that if you don't take that ginger ale you, your travel companion, and the guy that has to clean up the plane aren't going to be happy campers. Even if you've never been sick on a plane before, and even if you've had no morning sickness, trust me. Take the ginger ale. Take two ginger ales. And when the flight attendant shows you the emergency exits, take note of the emergency barf bags. It may sound crude, but by the time you make it to the ground you'll be glad you drank the ginger ale. It's better than the alternative. Trust me, you'll enjoy Phoenix better without the memory of vomiting plane food. Oh, and if you're going to Europe at all during your pregnancy don't watch Sweeney Todd on the in-flight entertainment center. That really doesn't help matters. report a problem

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