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Pizzeria Bianco, Phoenix

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delicious but the wait is insane

Posted on: September 27, 2009 at 12:43PM

By Guest San Francisco


We got there at 4:30pm, 30mins before opening, and we still waited almost 3hrs. They told us we would have to - at no point did anyone promise otherwise which was admirable, albeit disheartening. Unfortunately it was raining and I was not in the mood to drink for 2+hrs before dinner (those who were had a great time next door, some had cards to play etc, though I wonder if they tasted the pizza...). Had we known, we would have brought reading material or a DVD player and sat in the car, but no such luck. Fortunately it didn't rain the whole time - we wouldn't have lasted if it had. Now for the food. Obviously wonderful/delicious. Easily the best pizza crust I've ever had - perfect combination of crispy and chewy, perfect wood fired taste and nice and light. The toppings were great too (though the sardines were a touch overwhelming - I wouldn't do those again). The antipasto was fantastic also. But I have to say, if this is a 10 (pretty close), there really are a few 8s and 9s that don't require 3hrs of waiting. In my mind the "marginal utility" of the uptick in quality, just isn't worth it. I mean if the choice was Pizza Bianco or Domino's, then of course yes. But there's Lombardis in NY, Delfina and A16 in SF - all of which are 8.5s or 9s in my opinion. We had lunch at Scottsdale's Olive & Ivy and their flat bread was a solid 7. So basically in my mind, not worth it. But there are obviously minions who disagree. I just wonder if there's some attraction to THE WAIT for some. I think there must be - not for me though. But I will say that if the wait were an hour - I'd feel very differently. It is incredibly delicious. But 3hrs is too much.

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