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Bica do Sapato, Lisbon

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A nice concept in 1997. A poisoning experience.

Posted on: October 25, 2009 at 8:14PM

by hknnyberg
I was told to expect ”an expensive, mega-fashionable dockside establishment” and for sure, this is the kind of place that end up in Wallpaper. You won’t read three lines before the adjective “über-trendy” pops up. Well, I don’t know about that. To me it feels more than just a little outdated, (a few Mihes van der Rohe chairs and Saarinen tables won’t do) and worn out in the wrong sense of the word. On the good side: It’s certainly not a stuffy place. You’re being taken care of by staff member who are almost cheerful. The kitchen kicks off with scallops. Not bad at all. But the rest of the meal is not exactly up to par. Then my dinner companion had white fish and mussels and got food poisoned. That’s the little golden stars getting ripped out of my book faster than you could say ‘Malkovich’. If interested, you may read more about the Bica do Sapato experience at :: h ::