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El Conquistador Resort, The Waldorf Astoria Collection, Fajardo

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Bed Bugs, Filthy, Terrible Management, Over Charged. Stay at your own risk

Posted on: February 18, 2010 at 1:12PM

By Guest

I have traveled the world and never have I ever seen anything like this. We checked in early in the morning and the hotel without even mentioning charged us for the previous night. Our room was absolutely filthy and ants were all over the nightstand after we complained they switched us to another room which seemed nice. When we woke up in the morning I was covered in what I was told by the font desk as mosquito bite. The bites got worst and worst and when I got home I learned it was bed bugs and the hotel has a problem with them. 3 other people we spoke to experienced the same thing and were also told it was mosquito bites. After I called to complain they told me that the hotel doctor has to examine me, nice to learn when I already am back home. Also, this is something they could have mentioned when I complained several times to the front desk, at one point front desk even gave be bug spray and played it off as something very common. They informed me that they will fax me a form the following day so I can document the incident. As the woman tried to get off the phone with me she did not even ask what room I was in so they can inspect the room and clean it for the next guest. After I asked her if she wants to know my room number she said "oh I'm sorry what room were you in." Every guest I spoke to traveling with us for a wedding had extra charges on their bill, we had 3 breakfasts charged in one day, another couple had a $400 transportation charge, someone else had 5 breakfast in one day. The Waldorf Astoria brand should be embarrassed to have their name associated with this hotel. It's extremely unfortunate as the facilities are decent. Something else I found really cute is they charging for everything. Weather you use a bellhop or not checking in or out the hotel will still charge you a $20 fee plus tax. In addition, to that there is a $3 cleaning fee plus tax and if you even consider room service well you have to wait an hour. I would not recommend this hotel to my worst enemy.

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