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Puerto Rico User Posts + Reviews

Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Puerto Rico.
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When traveling to Puerto Rico, there is a small town, close to the airport called Pinones. You will know you have found the area when the streets are lined with small stands that carry...more

Take the bus!

If you're staying in San Juan and not renting a car, avoid costly taxi fares by taking the bus to Old San Juan. 80 cents per person versus $8+ per person makes a big difference. ...more

where to go....where not to go.....

Lets see....Puerto Rico can be a fantastic adventure as long as you stay away from the not so desirable places. You must must must go to Culebra Island. It is probably one of the most...more

Rincon Surf and Sun

If you go to Puerto Rico than one of the smartest things you can do is get as far away from San Juan as possible. Not that San Juan is bad, it is just that there is so much charm in...more

An unforgetable vacation in Puerto Rico

When vacationing in Puerto Rico, stay at inland places, away from San Juan, like Villas del Mar Hau in the town of Isabela on the Northwest part of the island.The villas have many...more

Causion with car rental in Puerto Rico!

We rented through Payless car rental in Puerto Rico. Before we went there, I called to make sure my insurance company covered my rental car in Puerto Rico. They told me I was covered...more

Look out for unexpected baggage charges

We got our bags to Puerto Rico on Airtran Airways for free. When we returned, the bags went through USDA, and weighed under 50 pounds. The attendant at the baggage check in counter...more

Swimming in the bioluminescent bay in Vieques

There are tours to several different sites to see the bioluminescent waters. Two of them you can kayak to. They do not recommend swimming in the water. However, there is an excursion...more

colors and dead dogs

My trip to Puerto Rico was absolutely fantastic. We went everywhere. Several tips to consider. Take off all jewelry when going through major towns because they will try to get it. And...more

My Puerto Rico Trip

While in Puerto Rico, we rented a car. My tip (if you are brave enough to drive with the Puerto Ricans) is to pay extra for GPS as the roads have multiple names and the maps are not...more

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