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Beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro

prev Not just beach culture !!!

Posted on: April 6, 2010 at 4:13PM


by AlexandreMurucci
Many of his information is accurate, but is a myth that the Rio’s people do not work. If You talk to who's on the beach during the week, you'll see that most of them are tourists, retirees (Rio is the dream of every Brazilian retired), students with free time, and beach service providers, which are many. Rio is a city of services, but with alternative schedules. and they work hard. Now, surely, you will never find someone from São Paulo, 5 minutes after 9 to 5 hours, heheheh ! Another thing important is that Rio has a huge historical and artistic heritage and it seems that our chronicler was not advised to the right people ... where are the architecture of Santa Teresa ? and the baroque churches covered in gold, museums, galleries, historical sites at the time of the monarchy and earlier, modernist architecture, and the exotica and atemporal Lapa and its night, the thousands of restaurants with cuisines from around the world, … the classical music for free in churches and museums, musical theater on the Broadway level and also the landmark Maracana ?? What about the largest urban forest in the world, the natural icons, the Botanical Gardens, and the sophisticated shopping malls , not to forget the music : bossa nova and samba. I know this topic is about the beach, but when you say that to look for something beyond beach culture in Rio, is insane , you are completely mistaken, at least. For the rest of the review, commenting on the beaches, I think it is appropriate, come to Rio and enjoy! But do not forget to know the city, well, ok !!!! Hugs, Alexandre