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'Gusto, Rome

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Trendy restaurant

Posted on: December 28, 2008 at 6:09PM

By Guest

Gusto is a modern and trendy restaurant in a nice part of Rome (close to the embankment), which has two restaurants on the same Piazza (one is a cafe and restaurant, the other cafe and cocktail bar). The former consists of a busy cafe mainly focused on pizzas and pastas, and a restaurant upstairs, which is calmer and more expensive. Generally, the food is good (yet nothing special) although service is slow and inattentive. More troubling, however, is the 15% MANDATORY SERVICE CHARGE. This is completely extraordinary and unique for restaurants in Rome, where all waiters are paid a salary and do not depend on tips (like waiters do in the U.S.) This unfortunately means that the final bill for Gusto is overpriced and you can find as trendy restaurants with excellent food at significantly cheaper prices.

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