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Rome User Posts + Reviews

Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Rome.
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Mercure Delta Colosseo

My boyfriend and I visited Rome on July 16-July 20, 2009 and love staying at this hotel. This hotel is literally located about two blocks away from the Colosseo. The staff there is...more

Beware of the bread!!!

Just a quick and simple tip, when eating out in Rome beware of the bread on the tables in restaurant. This is very expensive and you are much better off ordering a starter and getting...more

Don't drink the water!

Actually, this is just a warning to anyone traveling in Italy. When you go to dinner, and ask for water, be sure to specify tap, or they will open a bottle of sparkling, or still water,...more

Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain is the greatest fountain in the world, don't miss the opportunity to see this in Rome.   more

Lots of English spoken!

September 09, I traveled to Rome and to Tuscany (Lucca, San Gimingango area) and Florence. We were surprised how much English was spoken by the Italians. in the shops, the restaurants...more


Definitely stop at one of the cafe restaurants - but first check thier outside menu boards for their specials. We had lots of success doing it this way!   more


Buy a neck chain holder to carry your money & passport. Theft is horrible in Rome. Be careful with your camera too.   more

Trattoria Luzzi's

Fabulous!!! My son and I went to Rome and were in the mood for some Pizza after taking in the Colliseum. I passed up the places immediately surrounding the area because I figured that...more

Water, water everywhere

Rome is full of fountains, great and small. You might not know it it, but almost all are flowing with the best drinking water in the world. When visiting Rome, bring an empty bottle and...more

Maps, maps, maps

Rome is gorgeous and the people are wonderful. We were using a tour book map and promotional brochures to walk around the city. They were informative but not exactly accurate. Some...more

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